2 månader sedan
I finally packed a 98 TOTS!
Adrian Frater
Adrian Frater 18 timmar sedan
Me : 20 futties picks still waiting for a 90 rated card Castro : toty in 3
Destan Diljen
Destan Diljen 23 timmar sedan
UrMum IsMyDad
UrMum IsMyDad Dag sedan
Got toty cr7 and headliners benzema
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 2 dagar sedan
Bro i just got lewa 98 TOTY in the player pick how lucky am i😭
K9R 3 dagar sedan
He be saying October and December when it’s July
DAVID Pito 4 dagar sedan
Vero noooob fidel castro ahahah
epannlipan 4 dagar sedan
this is why i dont want to watch the rtg because the rtg never get to the end :)
OfficialMtox 4 dagar sedan
Chris Voerman
Chris Voerman 4 dagar sedan
First one i did i got toty lewa, ramos and big boy cr7
Matthew Randall
Matthew Randall 5 dagar sedan
Wait isn’t Laporte french
Michał Zabielski
Michał Zabielski 6 dagar sedan
thomas fieldwick
thomas fieldwick 6 dagar sedan
Bring back opening cards !
Katy Phelan
Katy Phelan 6 dagar sedan
cut scene alex hunter's girlfriend it won't let ask a question to the character katie.??
Alex Dakers
Alex Dakers 6 dagar sedan
October? Oh Castro… it’s July bro
Alex Dakers
Alex Dakers 6 dagar sedan
My brother did 2, got TOTY Lewa and TOTY VVD back to back. Ridiculous
Nick D
Nick D 6 dagar sedan
Bring back the greenscreen jump
totally my dog
totally my dog 6 dagar sedan
I got hazard rttf suarez otw and kante whatif and im really pissed i didnt get one toty when other people get ramos toty duplicates and lewandowski toty and van dijk and de bruyne and act like its nothing
psg tom
psg tom 7 dagar sedan
The Hatter
The Hatter 7 dagar sedan
It’s called ea milking what they can and trynna make fifa look good by releasing things that should have been out a long time ago
Nezze 7 dagar sedan
Got Benzema back to back then ramos toty
JahirIsHere 7 dagar sedan
We’re gonna ignore the fact that it’s fucking JULY and bro thinks it’s October and September?? This game has taken a toll on him damn (Edit: just got done with the vid and now he thinks it’s November wtf)
Brum K
Brum K 3 dagar sedan
@JahirIsHere 😂😂😂😂😂😂
JahirIsHere 3 dagar sedan
@Mr Casinoo I get that you’re proud to watch his streams but I personally couldn’t be bothered and it’s funny nonetheless. So.. 🥴
Mr Casinoo
Mr Casinoo 3 dagar sedan
Watch the streams and maybe you would understand.. he’s exaggerating how late in the game cycle we are.. ffs part timers
yeetusfeetus get delitus
yeetusfeetus get delitus 4 dagar sedan
It painful to hear him say it
Luca Sela
Luca Sela 6 dagar sedan
Exactly what I was thinking
Sebikai 7 dagar sedan
Its july
Oscar Magnusson
Oscar Magnusson 7 dagar sedan
I got 98 Messi
Toke Dige
Toke Dige 7 dagar sedan
Mason Jones
Mason Jones 7 dagar sedan
Max sollis
Max sollis 8 dagar sedan
It’s July not November
Owen Phillips
Owen Phillips 8 dagar sedan
I’ve gotten all terrible cards from 5 player picks….best has been son
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 8 dagar sedan
I swear EA have made them worse now cuz when they first came out I packed Ramos and cr7 now I pack Gomez, Ben yedder and 90+ players I don't need at all
british yoyo123
british yoyo123 8 dagar sedan
Did two got fur bday sane and rttf salah
ASPECT Connortg
ASPECT Connortg 8 dagar sedan
so we just ignoring the fact that castro thinks its october?
JahirIsHere 7 dagar sedan
That’s what I’m saying like wtf
Luke Charman
Luke Charman 8 dagar sedan
I did one of these PPs and got Toty Lewandowski
Josh Runkee
Josh Runkee 8 dagar sedan
I packed TOTY Ronaldo from this and also packed Summer Stars Ronaldo a week ago, both untradable though!
Johan Soerensen
Johan Soerensen 8 dagar sedan
I got 93 hazard and 96 van dijk
Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner 8 dagar sedan
Got smalling, fabregas and navas 😩
Dylan Berry
Dylan Berry 8 dagar sedan
Don’t ever comment on anything , you’re mudeed
Trisha Gaming
Trisha Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for the video
Kian bailey
Kian bailey 8 dagar sedan
I got team of year Ronaldo and lewindowski
Mostu 8 dagar sedan
u smell
Felix Harris
Felix Harris 8 dagar sedan
Got vandijk de bruyne and lewandoski all in one pick
DylanPolo 8 dagar sedan
wdym october
Kevvin.5 8 dagar sedan
packed 99 neymar @lulkev03 on twitter tag castro so he retweet’s
LegendGaming 8 dagar sedan
I did 8 got nothing good wow
LegendGaming 8 dagar sedan
Why does Castro’s menu look different to mine
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant 8 dagar sedan
I got mbappe 91 and big virj from 2 picks
Gabriel Sasso
Gabriel Sasso 8 dagar sedan
I did 2 and got toty kdb and toty lewa
Jimmy Tallentire
Jimmy Tallentire 8 dagar sedan
I got Toty lewondawski
Owen Coweison
Owen Coweison 8 dagar sedan
I got f*cking dest😭
Josh Kindred
Josh Kindred 8 dagar sedan
Good god Castro is so American it’s so annoying 😂
Viggo Wallin
Viggo Wallin 8 dagar sedan
I opened just one and got cr7 toty
YoungDyl99 7 dagar sedan
Derb 8 dagar sedan
Lmaoo someone’s getting fired
R B 8 dagar sedan
I got toty vvd and headliners Hernandez
Abdelaziz Mekkaoui
Abdelaziz Mekkaoui 8 dagar sedan
Who cares its July
Tim Mazyrko
Tim Mazyrko 8 dagar sedan
When you got fut birthday sterling they couldn’t stop giving you Oscar
Youssef Helmy
Youssef Helmy 8 dagar sedan
zain _playz20
zain _playz20 8 dagar sedan
i got kdb and ramos in same pick
FizzyG 9 dagar sedan
wtf is this i got 85 gosens 85 naingollan and 88 ruben dias from mine
FizzyG 8 dagar sedan
@Antti Laitila shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush
Antti Laitila
Antti Laitila 8 dagar sedan
Sam Emms
Sam Emms 9 dagar sedan
My mate got 3 Totys in 1 pick
Joe Morrison
Joe Morrison 9 dagar sedan
James Harris
James Harris 9 dagar sedan
Someone tell Castro it’s July
grassbandits 9 dagar sedan
I’ve done 3 picks. I got fut birthday Vardy, fut birthday Aouar, and toty Van Djik
Phoeniixx 9 dagar sedan
god toty lewa. why the fuck does what i’d kante pop up so much tho
The Flix
The Flix 9 dagar sedan
Gabriel R
Gabriel R 9 dagar sedan
He should’ve showed us the squad he put into this sbc
Lawexpress 9 dagar sedan
I got David Silva at first and I was fuming, so I put him into another pp and I got toty Ronaldo 😂
Reid Curitti
Reid Curitti 9 dagar sedan
I got toty ronaldo, what if thuavan, keylor and headliners son overall I’m pumped with the picks
big worm
big worm 9 dagar sedan
Done 4 got toty ramos,toty Ronaldo, what if kante and 89 son card
Alexandru Maneci
Alexandru Maneci 9 dagar sedan
I din 2 times futties and i packed first levandowski toty and CR7 toty lol my first time when i have a chance in fifa 21 🤣🤣❤
Attila Fabian
Attila Fabian 9 dagar sedan
They can make another one like this but the cards will be from the SBCs or Objectives in this year
Oliver McClean
Oliver McClean 9 dagar sedan
Did three got De bruyne in the first, Got Van dijk and lewangoalski (liverpool fan so took van dijk) and got salah in the 3rd one
Thijs Workel
Thijs Workel 9 dagar sedan
I got virgil and Kevin toty in the same pivk
Jannes Hooiveld
Jannes Hooiveld 8 dagar sedan
Skurti Malkova
Skurti Malkova 9 dagar sedan
This man is saying that it is november
Brayan Cole
Brayan Cole 9 dagar sedan
i packed cr7 toty
KING 9 dagar sedan
I did 2 player picks first toty kdb second toty Lewandowski
ッCalum 9 dagar sedan
i had 400k i did my first one and got ramos and got excited and did another, got kante, put kante into the next one and got kante again and now im on 60k with no gold players in my club
J k
J k 8 dagar sedan
I got lewandoski and did another got freeze mane but they just ended up being fodder can’t play this game no more
ahmed behery
ahmed behery 8 dagar sedan
Noobs i dont have players in my club at all 😂😂😂
Kamraan Nizam
Kamraan Nizam 9 dagar sedan
Bro I’m exactly the same except I’ve got two rare golds under 79 and 75k 😂
Castro tu é um Cagão e está sentado no Colinho da EA Games (ass: Adolfera)
Max Bester
Max Bester 9 dagar sedan
How do you redo it
J 2wavvy
J 2wavvy 9 dagar sedan
Got Toty Virgil toty Sergio ramos and toty ronaldo also did 1 for goodluck and got rttf messi 😭
Gewoon Gijs
Gewoon Gijs 9 dagar sedan
Team of the group sats messi
Xflue 9 dagar sedan
What happened to the 10 day RTG?
Akbar Wijaya
Akbar Wijaya 9 dagar sedan
i got cr7 toty in first pp
YoRambo 9 dagar sedan
i got modric FB from my 1st and put him in my 2nd pp to get hernandez HL and then put hernandez into my THIRD PP just go get atal 😭😭 my luck is awful
Ella Wheeler
Ella Wheeler 9 dagar sedan
damn thats bad 🥺 you a fellow girl gamer?